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Standard Dahi Yogurt Kit

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Keto Dahi Yogurt Kit

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Homemade Dahi Yogurt, it is simple to make, but can take a bit of time to make, but oooh soo worth it.

Dahi yogurt is an Indian style yogurt, that is tart, smooth, creamy,, and semi thick (can be compared to Greek yogurt but without the straining.

Lactose is a sugar, made from glucose and galactose, the primary sugar found in milk, especially in whey, lactose carried in the whey is the primary source of carbs in yogurt.

Yogurt is made by adding a friendly, heat loving bacteria, to milk. The bacteria then converts most of the carbs, milk sugar, and lactose into lactic acid, and leaving behind calcium and vitamin D. Lactic acid is not a carbohydrate. Greek yogurt contains less carbs, due to the whey being strained off, leaving less whey inside the yogurt, leaving the yogurt thicker and creamier.

It is made with the bacterias Lactobacillus and Capsaicin.

Capsaicin has many, many health benefits. Ex: cleanses bad gut bacteria, protects good gut bacterias, cleanses liver and pancreas, antimicrobial, antifungal, cardiovascular health, and , just to name a few.


Dr. Jack Goldberg, co-author of “The Four Corners Diet” (the ferment diet), tested fermented milk products (yogurt), and found that in a 6oz serving size of milk with 12 grams of carbs, after fermentation, only 1/3 the carbs were left, that’s 4 grams of carbs in the fermented milk (yogurt).

In my recipe, completely from scratch, all natural, fresh ingredients, I will show you how to produce an 8oz serving size of milk with 6 grams of carbs, into an 8 oz serving size of yogurt with only 2 grams of carbs.

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