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Lavender Orpington Chickens

Lavender Orpingtons are enjoying a huge wave of popularity right now.

Their stunning lavender colored feathers have made this chicken one of the most popular breeds around right now.

Orpingtons are well known for being very docile and friendly. They have also built a reputation of being a reliable egg layer.

Whilst the Orpington breed family has always been popular, the lavender color is a relatively recent addition.

Lavender Orpington

Beginner Friendly:Yes.

Lifespan:5+ years.

Weight:Hen (8lb) and Rooster (10lb).


Egg Production:3-4 per week.

Egg Color:Light Brown.

Known For Broodiness:Yes.

Good With Children:Yes.

  • Their Lavender color is very unique and makes them distinct from other chickens.

  • Orpingtons are known for being very gentle and friendly.

  • They are excellent at keeping warm in cold temperatures.

  • She lays beautiful large light brown eggs.

  • They are very versatile and were bred to be dual purpose.

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