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Golden Sexlinks

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Gold Sex Link chickens are robust dual-purpose chickens with terrific egg-laying capabilities. These chickens also produce substantial amounts of meat than most crossbreed.

Golden Sex Link chickens entered the poultry world in the 1950s. These chickens result from breeding the Rhode Island Whites and the Rhode Island Reds. Breeders have been using various chicken breeds for breeding Golden Sex Link chickens.

On average, Golden Sex Link hens weigh between 2 and 3 kg, while roosters weigh 3 to 3.35 kg. The size and weight of these chickens depend on the age and the strain of the Golden Sex Link chicken.

Golden Sex Link chickens have a nice temperament. These tiny chickens are also some of the most friendly crossbreed chickens on earth. Golden Sex Link chickens are some of the easiest chicken breeds to handle.

Golden Sex Link chickens are exceptional layers. They lay 300 to 320 eggs each year on average. Golden Sex Link hens usually lay between five and six eggs weekly. 

Golden Sex Link chickens aren’t bred strictly for meat production. That notwithstanding, these chickens still make decent meat producers.

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